Summer garden on the north coast of California

June 2014 037This summer my small house lot has many vegetables, fruit, flowers and succulents growing. It is such a cool climate and the area is rich in plants. Especially the large and beautiful redwoods. redwoods streamdscn44401July 2015 garden Squash acornSunflowers next to the house.jpg


Life Is Worth Living


Samoa Beach Eureka, Calfornia


Life is bountiful

if we’re counting


Life is a breeze

you can do as you please


Life is a trip

you cannot skip


Life offers much

it fills your cup


Life gives pleasure

without measure


Life is so real

it allows you to feel


Life is worth living

if you are believing


Life is an adventure

that we certainly endure


Life is sustaining

I’m not complaining


Life you’re a friend

I’m glad there’s no end


Life is forever

God grants this favor



My Mother

In memory of my dear Mother, Virginia Walker who died 13 years ago today

Tragically in a crushing auto-now I wonder how I can repay

All the subtle obvious lessons she taught me and my 3 sisters every day.


Her tall lanky presence proceeded her graceful beautiful walk

She was a conscious, nurturing Mother, she could talk

Her long slender fingers could do so much, she was my building block


Her spirit resides next to me, in me, her legacy inspires me

She taught me how to take care, to be happy

Love, excel, to see how others believe, and accept broadly


I had always tried to please her with a helping hand

Knowing her I became gentle and kind, able to make an assertive stand

She taught me beauty, humanity, love for family, how to say “I can!”


I am sad she left at 74- seems too early for an intellectual, feminist

Art lover extraordinaire. We miss her critical eye, analytical perspective

Determined Mother, overprotective, loved always with blue reminiscence.






10 of the Best Poems about Walking — Interesting Literature

Classic poems about long walks ‘I like long walks,’ Noel Coward is said to have once quipped, ‘especially when they’re taken by people I dislike.’ The Romans had a phrase: Solvitur ambulando, meaning ‘it is solved by walking’. The Victorian poet Arthur Hugh Clough used it as the epigraph for his long epistolary poem, Amours […]

via 10 of the Best Poems about Walking — Interesting Literature

So Glad to Pass this Way Today

A birthday again! I’m so glad to pass this way today!

I’m glad to live every day, hopefully a little longer here to stay.

Another cosmic yearly rotation to witness the sun, moon, stars
Rise, set, while they shed light on the earth so marvelous.

Brilliant, sharp, excelled, focused these I strive for in and around me
In my yearly cycles of watching, waiting, interacting, glad to pass this way today.

Now the littlest things are rare and treasured: small hands, words so right, gems
Smiles from strangers, kind acts, love, generosity, and arms around me.

The biggest ideas grab me, I hope for change, love peaceful understanding
Leaders of this fair world take heed: we are all delicate, rare, like earth so stunning.

Every day I walk, taste, learn, listen, see; I’m so glad to pass this way today
To witness the awe, love, and beauty. It is  honor to be here alive every day.


Thanksgiving Reflections

Cold breezes blow, trees are bare with final golden leaves drifting to the ground
The sky is grey and dark, while the moon shines half full shimmering in the clouds
Loving this earth, even when the sky is dark, and while wind blows hard against the skin
I honor the life that lives on this earth- the animals running wild, the birds flying and singing, all the humans growing and learning
I am thankful for the world so blue, green, and brown floating amongst the Milky Way
I accept the cosmic gifts that have been given to me, and honor those who walked before, who walk with me now, and who will walk with me in the future
Let us honor our earth this Thanksgiving time and love one another with happy truth while sharing, remembering, that we are thankful to an astonishing creator and each other
The cold breezes rage, rain comes down, the forests breathe golden leaves and the sun slants differently in the autumn, yet we pause to be thankful for all our earthly and spiritual gifts so wondrously given