Sat down and drew a mouth with an art pencil… while I coughed

Last night I sat down and learned how to draw a mouth from a Youtube artist, who was really good at instructions and Manga drawing. My husband who substitutes for the local Eureka High School substituted for an art class where the assignment was drawing, noses, mouths and heads. I was surprised how I liked to draw, when I got into it….I brought out my sketch book, charcoal and #2, 4 drawing pencils. I was remembering the few classes I took while living in Pittsburg and enjoying an art class called ” I can’t draw” at the Carnegie Museum.

Then I coughed because I am in the midst of a Fall time cold, or better known as  crud, flu, or general malaise. The illness could be exacerbated from all the mold that grows on the walls, coats, shoes, etc. in Humboldt, California on the Bay. I have never  lived in such a moldy wet climate. I almost miss the North Carolina’s winter icy on slots that often hit the East Coast.That is where we lived several years ago. There the mold must be frozen.  But perhaps  my illness is from my grandson, Walter who at almost 4 is actively involved with preschool. It is amazing how our bodies have to build up immune systems. I thought I had done that for 63 years, his active little body is easily casting off the illnesses. Amazing!  Now I sip hot Crud and Cold Relief looking for a curing tea from Eureka’s Humboldt Herbals.

Things to note about today– the fall sun is muted but so beautiful behind the clouds. I crave light in the Fall and Winter. I live daily to see the beauty in nature, in plants, the sky, sea, and animals. We like to walk at the expansive and inspiring beaches along the north coast of California. We found a new dedicated Mckay Track wilderness that will be turned out to be a wonderful new addition for hiking and walking in Eureka. Other things I am noting today is my luxurious striped 8 month old, female cat curled up on the Sunday Times Standard happy to snooze and keep her tail wrapped around her for warmth. Iv’e learn how she is inspiring in her simple behaviours, and is so content with the world she is living so well in. I like to note that I am cooking a pot of beans we bought from Arcata Farmer’s Market. They are pinkish and look like pinto beans, not sure of their name. They should be delicious with garlic, onions, peppers, cumin, and herbs from the garden. Maybe I will be healed.

Be safe, be well, spread love and keep on believing in your dreams.