California’s Humboldt County’s Law Library

I work part time as a law librarian in Humboldt County and it is a fascinating job. The funds for the this small law library come from the public who pay a fee for filing law forms through the county clerks to use the court systems or to submit a “pleading paper” or varied requests. The library offers law reference and guidance on researching law, acquiring forms for submitting court requests, finding guidance in Lexis Nexus, and nolo publications for how to guides. Here is the website for your information” I am trained for reference not law or specific lawyer advice.

The main legal pursuits that are common here are family law including divorce and child custody, as well as tenant and landlord rights. There is a free family lawyer who helps families proceed with clarifying the legal rights of families. Humboldt has a unique community who use and grow medical marijuana. There are many who grow marijuana and get caught between the state laws and limits from the federal law. This state is not unlike others who support access to medical marijuana, but unlike Washington and Colorado marijuana is illegal. It will be on the ballot again for the next election.

It was a good day today, only one person came in “ranting” about his lack of rights. I steered him to research and forms. He just wanted an audience.

It is a great place to reflect, observe, and learn about legal processes.