A Sunday at the Beach


Watching the curls of the sea

I know I can believe in me.

Walking in the soft sand

I know I truly can.

Forging forward day by day

ultimately I will be OK.

Climbing through the patchy fog

I can feel connected to God.

Overlooking the weathered slop

I feel the sea’s wonderful support.

Hearing the Sea Lions roar

I know I’m home by the shore.

Experiencing a clear and beauteous Sunday

I can strive for lovely peace day by day.

La Playa

     On The Beach at  Playa  Blanca

By Bee Bonow (Terri Bonow’s Mother In Law)

October 2013


In the crowd sometimes  Terri and I forget

forget the tide rolls in,  rolls out,  

   without  struggle.

We forget the pelican dives 

    with no fear of  failing.

We forget  white sand

     is made by the  hours,

We forget stars are never  lost,

 ….forget laughter’s in the air 

We forget  waves are rolled by  heaven,

    never race to catch up, 

    are already there in the  Tao.

We both forget to say, 

     I love  myself

     I am  beautiful,

wild as the waves  in the  Tao

We both forget that  the breeze on our  cheek

      is the touch of  Chi

      is the tale of  our  Infinite Goodness 

Terri  sometimes  forgets….

      and so do  I!  



Grammy Musings…

Grandchild Walter Josef

October 2013


Smiles, cuddles, Oh so smart

Baby Walter had my heart from the very start!


He came into the world with huge cry

That filled the room, saying I am alive.


As he grew, I knew he would be special

Crawling, talking, walking, all was exceptional.


What is a grandchild but an extension of family?

A connection to the future, a promise of what will be


I know I am smitten, who knew that I would

Be so attached to Walter Josef as much as I could.


Now, I am Grammy, all sentimental and sweet

It is a role I did not expect, but what a real treat.


Walty, now 2 years old, is fun, active, and happy

He keeps us smiling, always laughing with his Pappy.


I hug him in hopes of a lucky and easy future

Where health, happiness and best opportunities are there for sure.


I hope the world is a safe, loving, and a peaceful home

So that Lil’ Walter Josef can excel, be happy, and not be alone.


Smiles, cuddles, Oh so smart

Baby Walter had my heart from the very start.