I love Dorthea Benton Frank’s books!

Dorothea Benton Frank

“I have always thought that librarians are a little bit like doctors, travel agents and professors all rolled into one.  We all know that a great story can lift spirits, take you anywhere in the world you want to go and in any time period to boot, and the lessons you learn from a good book can buoy your own convictions and even change your life. ”   ―     Dorothea Benton Frank

Law Library Poem

Inner sanctum solitude

promotes legal aptitude.

The Law Library’s immersed in logic

cool, concise, and with rules tragic.

Cases pile, rules multiply

but justice is it denied?

Patron’s are sifting through pages of rules

created by publishers, lawyers and fools.

Soft, quiet, fun-readings this library has not

it promotes and reveals heavy, legal proceedings.

But keeping the law level, true, concise, so real

and intact, that is a fact.

By finding justice in facts, and pages of rights

the Law Library keeps the public on track with legal fights.

Inner sanctum solitude

promotes legal aptitude