My Career as a Librarian

Fortunate me to see the beauty, human possibility

Every day presented in the library.  


I witness serious students trying so studiously

To learn, and be accomplished in their studies.


 The students wonder, learn and proceed on with intent and resolve

They consider, read, communicate, problems are solved.


 It’s so quiet this inspiring room, very large and spacious

It creates an environment of belief and investigations.


Quite a few inquiries come to my desk,

What will they ask today? I wait in curious coherence.


 The books get viewed, the banks of computers are used

Students wander through on the hour as classes start and finish.


Quickly they print their many papers, essays, and assignments

Will the work be accepted? How will the instructors analyze it?


 am content to sit in my librarian desk

Assisting with citations, validation of titles, and journal research.


What price to be educated in the world ever expanding with complexity and curiosity?


Research is always awarded by dedication and diplomas. Knowledge is priceless. 


Lifelong library learning and a culture educated is a society accomplished and free. I love my library career.


By Terri Bonow MLIS

November 18, 2015