The Surprise of Spring

The Surprise of Spring

Terri Bonow

March 17, 2015

Spring flowers with delicate petals

Emerge forth in amazing colors.

Azaleas, pansies, ornamental trees 

Declare their worth in a fragrant breeze.

Green stemmed onions, rosemary, and sage

Grow full of wonder at this stage.

Cool nights, sunny days, rain 

A blessed relief when it came.

My garden is nurtured with the drizzly                                        

I dance, the cat lounges in it deliciously.

Earth’s beauty and changing seasons

Stirs my soul with there is the reason!

Spring shows lovely, inspiring phases daily

While the season evolves gently, slowly, surely.

Full of beauteous change and flavors,

I am astounded with earth’s seasonal colors!


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