Take a Moment

Take a moment to wonder why
Feel the earth as the days go by

Enjoy the plants their colorful array
Savor the tastes that give us flavor

Feel the love of kith and kin
Hugs all around, again and again

Mark the days as they go by
Happily sing I am alive, I am alive

We are here temporarily, our spirits celebrant
Take a moment to praise the firmament

Wondering why but happily I thrive!




Being a stranger in new places

Geographies unknown, new faces,

Foreign and ever-changing…

Travel makes for adventures

A challenge to get by

To prove value, believe and to try.

Running to new counties,

So geographically

Beauteous and varied

Can they guess how I cared, or am I scared?

What do I prove with my mate

Moving, trying, striving so hard

To tell each we can survive?

We explore new places with strange faces

Various customs, cultures

New languages, historical places.

Love is the answer, amazing is the lesson

So many souls surviving, striving, learning

Getting through the maze of seasons.

Exploring the human condition

with a story, a meal, music, glances

Artist creations,a poem by any chances?

Being a stranger in new places

Geographies unknown, new faces,

Foreign and ever-changing…


Quotes I like regarding women, education, etc.

“The highest result of education is tolerance” by Helen Keller

“Sit down and read and prepare yourself for the coming conflicts” by Mother Jones

“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think” by Margaret Mead

“A strong woman builds her own world. She is one who is wise enough to know that it will attract a man she will share it with” by Ellen Barrier

“When you absolutely positively have to know, ask a librarian” American Library Asociation

tbonow 3


The new year 2015 is now upon us, it is January 5th. Today was a really busy business day with political persons being appointed and inaugurated into office, new laws were in effect, and the start of economic statistics and new tax rolls were initiated. Personally my bank account was busy with withdrawalstroll in the snow in the redwoodss, mortgage payments and Christmas visa bills paid. I walked, shopped, enjoyed a Japanese lunch with Tim my husband, and prepared a delicious crab sandwich with locally baked fresh bread for dinner. Yesterday we spent time with son Andrew, Clare, and their children Walter and Olive. I have a full life and am glad I am well.

My resolutions are similar every year: 1. Live well. 2. Exercise regularly. 3. Help others. 4. Make a difference. 5. Write regularly. I resist making goals but sometimes they keep a person on track and focused. This is a picture of the Redwoods near where I live.

Kind Christmas

Kind Christmas

At Christmas time

We remember to be kind.

We evoke love,

Adore peace, and know joy.

Holiday trees smell piney green and fragrant

Lights are so bright and pleasant.

Jolly old Saint Nick

Arrives Christmas night.

Children look forward to that Elf

Arriving in red with stealth.

Gifts colorful and bright

Shared with such delight.

Rain and ice-feel the cold

But know well wintry tales so old.

Somehow the cycle turns original

Each year’s exceptional.

The short days, show spiritual ways.

they announce the longest nights, less light.

The power of Jesus, a birth so righteous

Brings us around to the fold, to hold

All that is true in our souls.

We gather together

Eat, love, share.

The songs are played purely

With each other, so surely.

At Christmas time

We remember to be kind.

Persistent Rain

Rain arrives in sheets of water

Dripping, draining, splashing drops

Relieving California’s drought.

For days and weeks the sky is dark

The storm front rolls in, rolls in

The hills become verdantly alive.

Rivers rise steadily tumbling, speeding along,

The rocks roll off the cliffs onto roads,

And silvery streams splash steadily in renewed flow.

Thirsty rugged mountains drink in the snow

Leaving gurgling rushing waters and streams

To emerge vitalizing the gardens in the spring.

During the longest night-Winter solstice, the weather’s

Onslaught of drizzling, draining, constant drips–a needed persistent deluge.

It rejuvenates plants, animals, and protects the earth

From the summer sun that parches and dries

The most persistent crops and the scenic rivers’ magnificent salmon.

The rhythm of the splashing rain is music to humans and to our earth

It restores moisture to our parched drought-ridden parks and lands.

Make Love Grow

Make Love Grow

Terri Bonow

November 2014

Love is found in ocean waves

In a child’s laugh, our length of days.

It peaks through a gloomy mist

It’s in the breeze, around us for weeks.

Ubiquitous, and but sometime hidden

Love rules-it can be a given,

To show its face in small things

Like pretty cats, wedding rings.

The broad expanse of sky

Looking up we ask why?

Is love out there in a great spirit?

Does it belong only to us?

Nature inspires human endeavors

Love’s found in earth’s natural splendors.

Love motivates-us we search and know

It’s the way to go, to make love grow.