Christmas Time

Jolly old Saint Nick

Arrives Christmas night


I look forward to that elf

wearing red-chimney sweeping in stealth.


He’s a mysterious grandpa

What will his bag have for a surprise?


We feel the cold

Know well wintery tales so old.


The cycle turns, original

Each year-it’s matchless.


The short days, Spiritual ways

full of yearnings.


They announce the darker days

Longest nights festival of lights.


We feel the power of Jesus

The birth so righteous.


Leads us to the fold, to hold

All that is true in our Souls.


We gather together

Eat, hug, and share.


Green trees so fragrant

Lights so very pleasant.


Packages colorful and bright

Shared with such delight.


The songs played purely

So together surely.


With Christmas time

Will we remember to be kind?