California Chardonnay Wine

California Wine
By Terri Bonow

Chardonnay like ancient rhymes
Grows in our local climes

Green gold-tastes so fine
Luscious wine slides easily down

With pasta, chicken, or fish
It complements any exquisite dish

This clear white wine’s like vanilla oak
Seems calming and tasty to many folk

Napa Valley’s white wine
Leaves one jubilant and feeling fine

Happily it’s life’s easy pleasure
With friends and families: a true celebration

Long Days of Summer

The long days of summer are so wonderful. The rays of the sun keep on shining from the west on our house and gardens well into the evening. Then I will see the sun go down. But as I count the days off in August I know that September brings school and I will be busier. My librarian job starts then and I will start reviewing the work and enjoy the time with students and the library. I savor the time, seasons, value my experiences, and count my blessings.