North Coast of California’s Objects of Art

Objects of art all around

pronounce beauty even on the ground.

Delicate flowers, leaves of grass

Shoot up around trees at last.

Big rolling clouds fly in

the sun shines down in between.

Sparkling waves twinkle and shift

crashing on sand teaming with life. redwoods stream

Crisp clean air so oxygenated

by redwood trees living for ages.

Stretching tall, majestic 300-500 feet

thick red roots underground do meet.

Large birds and sea creatures, deer

meet foxes, raccoon, skunks and bears.

Nature’s objects of art so sweet

resonate beauty in an environment complete.




Take a Moment

Take a moment to wonder why
Feel the earth as the days go by

Enjoy the plants their colorful array
Savor the tastes that give us flavor

Feel the love of kith and kin
Hugs all around, again and again

Mark the days as they go by
Happily sing I am alive, I am alive

We are here temporarily, our spirits celebrant
Take a moment to praise the firmament

Wondering why but happily I thrive!