Flea Market

Sitting while the crowd walks by

I wonder what they’ll buy?


The table is laid with treasures

Old and new for sure.


Beads so colorfully arranged

Catches eyes of shoppers so plain.


Adornment today for a little pay?

Enjoy the color therapy play.


Their hands explore the merchandise

On a winter’s day take a chance!


My son’s collections sit on the table

Found objects, some useful, and capable.


Bowling balls, hats, fenders, and old bikes, funk

Take it home this fun junk.


I meet and greet, answer questions

Sit patiently, avoid frustrations.


A flea market saint I’ll be

While they pick through, walk by and see,


Just open your purse and wallet and buy these please.


Happy New Year!

The New Year is here

I will sing a song so dear.


It can be Auld Lang Syne

Or another one we love to sing.


Will we keep those resolutions?

Think of more solutions?


To our own problems

Or solve world’s social conundrums?


Write, read and believe

That truth, beauty, and justice will lead.


But winter cold does seep

Into our bones so deep.


Woolens, socks, blankets

Scare away the dark dampness.


Our dear lives pass so quickly

Living life can be risky.


Fear, violence, loneliness

We cannot accept meanness.


Fight hard against the darkness

Remember the light and happiness.


Find peace in self and neighbors

Lift spirits-do not be frightened.


Spring, rebirth and solace

Will happily call us.


So do not dwell on fear

Let life, celestial light be held so dear.