Musings on Writing

Writing is like falling into a rhythmic dream, and yet it so structured with mental gyrations needed to get the appropriate communications conveyed, to get it right to make meaning of one’s thoughts. Grammar, ideas, weave together to make each word important.

What can I write when there is so much already written with feeling in the mediums of novels, news, prose, poems, scientific ideas? It seems it all has been said. However, with scientific, and liberal arts researchers there is always something new in the fields of academic endeavors. PhD’s are attained with new research and uncovered  information revealed. Every month New York Times reviews the multitude of new best sellers in many written styles and  formats. Somehow the same old story gets redefined, retold, and new information is found. The timeless and common becomes unique with good writing.

This is so true for me, as a 27 year librarian veteran, it seems much has been already said. I have seen so many thousands of titles of books, films, journals, magazines that cross my line of sight. I believe that this ongoing plethora of information would make most people dizzy. Me, I just love to see what people think, what people want to know, how they communicate and what is written well-how the writers do it. My job over the years in the  role of a librarian is to hunt down the information needed, then find the sources quickly and show them how to locate information virtually or on a 3 dimensional shelf like one in the l.  Bibrary. But how do I find my voice and what do I say that is unique and will capture a reader’s attention? I have to remember my experience and who I am is unique, as is everyone. We all have a voice. Sometimes it is hard to be heard.

This site has been an experiment for me to write in different styles such as poetry, memoirs, and essays. I share personal poems, thoughts,  and literary ideas. I am experimenting and exploring the “need to express”,  how to communicate and what others have to say and how they write.


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