Sea Song

DSCN3618Shimmering water rises and falls with the repeating tides

Sea rushes through ever shifting onto the shores and inlets.

On sandy assorted beaches surf perch, crabs, seaweed and tiny crustaceans

Coexist in the web of life many layered and abundant.

Sandpipers, gulls, godwits, egrets, king fishers

All so exquisite sweeping throughout the seashores.

Schools of anchovy, and sardines, swim agitating the surface

Spinning through the bay silvery splendidly surviving. 

Seals and sea lions slide slippery through the racing crashing waters

Cavorting with halibut, salmon, ling cod and salmon all hunt rich sea resources.

Tiny reflective light beams dance on the surface of the vibrant liquid minerals

What lies below: sand, murky silt, plankton the source of life for sea animals.

The sea is a rich substance as it pulls and pushes with the moon against the terrestrial

Every eroding and changing the terrain with its silvery shining liquid so exceptional.

Source of life in constant movement reflecting the richness of existence, the sea

Is our inspiration – love, cherish, and protect the ocean for you and me.



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