A Birthday to Honor


 We turn again as the earth and all creatures celebrate the approaching summer.


Soon the longest days, shortest nights will be relished.


The plants turn green leaves to the nurturing sun.


All humans, and wild animals enliven


To the passage of time on our colorful, fragile, and changing planet.


Where we all are collected, unique to ourselves to love, grow and express.


This year we honor the elders who carefully/expertly move,


Communicate, live and continue to encourage love to grow on.


We turn again as the earth celebrates with us the matriarch Bee for her steady beat of life at 92 years old.


Her soul lives on and her spirit sings true.


Teaching us to be happy, have fun, to question, love and endure.


What a great time to be born Bee!


What a fabulous ride you’ve had showing us how to see, to be.


Happy Birthday to you dear, and here’s trusting you have many more contented years.


As the earth turns again with love we celebrate Bee’s Birthday and the colorful, lovely summertime.





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