What would you do to make a better world?

What would you do to make a better world; my family asks…how would you fix the world, I would do the following to create the best of all possible worlds if I could I would:


Make love grow now and forever

Give the littlest and weakest humans the most care

Support freedom of information, freedom of thought,

Independence of speech-support democracy

Celebrate the forests, revere the sky

Give smiles, not frowns to all

Love myself so I can love others

Show respect for all life on earth and in heaven

Accept and understand all humans, even those with different opinions

Wade at the edge of the water with reverence

Share and communicate clearly, and be most generous

Enjoy the highest forms of music, literature, and art

Write well

Tell well

Eat well

Pray well

Share well

And love the land very well

Celebrate my family and say sorry for any hurts I caused

Explain to them that they are so very special and well loved


Support Love and Beauty to All!


Terri L. (Wade) Bonow


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