Spring Travels



Spring Travels

By Terri Bonow

April 2014

Spring travels bring new insights about how the earth turns, showing the new slant of the sun on the land, and greening in landscapes.

Expansive emerald forests so tall invite an inspired traveler to enjoy redwoods, pine forests and Douglas firs so straight and lovely. 

Across landscapes hills, trees, meadows seem to come alive with new life, a revival following the frozen land and cold waters of Winter.

 Golden headed birds sing, dabbling and diving ducks fly to the ponds, geese, and starlings aplenty fill the skies with beauty in flight.

While little white lambs jump and play in the green fields, baby goats and calves nurse and run frolicking in the pastures.

Magnificent rivers and streams tumble and sing as the snows melt from white capped peaks above the valleys and glens. 

Spacious skies are filled with clouds and occasional  grey mists and rains, sometimes the blue skies emerge with a warming sun.

 We travel on watching the beauty of the natural world while in wonder with the brilliance and awe inspiring changes of seasons.






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