Christmas Time Poem

Christmas Time

Terri Bonow

December 2013


Jolly old saint nick

said he’d arrive

Christmas night


I look forward to that generous elf

arriving in red with Christmas wealth


But I feel the cold

know and remember well wintery tales

so old


Somehow the cycle turns a new

each year- it’s unique


The short days,

spiritual ways

and yearnings


They announce

the shortest days

and longest nights


The power of Jesus

the birth so righteous

brings us around


To the fold, to hold

all that is true in our



We gather together

feel the magic all around

eat, hug, and share


With green trees so fragrant

lights so very pleasant


Packages colorful, bright

and shared with such delight


The songs played purely

so together, so surely


Christmas time

It is theirs, yours, and mine


We remember the season

about love, joy, and being kind.





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