Winter’s Sun

Winter’s Sun

The long rays of winter’s sun are sliding over the trees
On the ground the soft brown leaves decompose
Soon the moon rises and shines bright through the wintry breeze

In the house the lights shine on, the soup is served, we drink tea
We celebrate warm interiors; reading as the fires leap
Observe the cold days and the night’s frozen scenes repeat

Yet the spirit is alive; seasons are a wonder on this planet
Winter amazes in diverse geographies-however you plan it
Sing joy of life, see, feel, smile, love, hear, and celebrate

Beam, greet, and  keep the good works going
Find truth in walks, talks, parks where all beauty’s flowing
Take a love, be a love, and tell of love all-knowing

The long rays of the winter sun changes soon to spring
On the ground will be small bulbs and plants so green
Then summer sizzles again so sensationally

Seasons are experienced on and on, never ending
In the day, night, month, and throughout the year are blessings
Take pleasure in time and find a place for eternal enjoying

By Terri Bonow

January 2012


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