Honoring my dead sister’s daughters

Happy Birthday to My Dear Nieces

June 2012


Happy birthday dear nieces may you always receive your best birthday wishes!

My young nieces were blonde, happy, jumping girls

So energetic and cheerful, yet so serious and smart,

Incredibly well behaved-they knew the rules and were polite

Constant helpers for their Mother at the dinner table and in the gardens,

Fun stories were told by them around the table or at holidays,

They had full command of speech so many tales bloomed

Giggles smirks, teasing were the free wheeling way

Of having fun, laughing at the ridiculous and their Father’s silly statements,

Fun Josh jokes, a funny brother’s comments

I love these nieces, still so sweet, smart, neat, and happy

They carry on, they survive and thrive

They know how to get by and I am humbled in wonder

Now grown up with new families,

Working and supporting others teaching, serving elders, loving their families

Hurrah! Soon another baby is arriving! I am proud to be a great Aunt!

I love and honor my dear Niece’s beauty, tenacity, intelligence

And respect their Mother’s never-ending love

For they are a wonder so capable of full spirits, greatness, and success

Happy birthday dear Nieces may you always receive your best birthday wishes!


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